The term “Spiritually Conscious” is subjective; it could mean anything from following a religious doctrine to being a New Ager. In my work, it is neither one. I hear many people say they are “spiritual” in finger quotes. In my neck of the woods, that usually means open-minded towards non-traditional practices, and possibly a follower of the New Age movement.

Personally, for me, it goes beyond that. I say my work is geared towards the “Spiritually Conscious Individual,” which means I am choosing to work with individuals who understand they are the creators of their lives, and they take full responsibility towards it. They are not waiting for me to tell them when they can anticipate their circumstances will change. In reality, they are practicing their spiritual belief through their life’s actions. They already know they need to trust and follow their intuition, their gut. It is just sometimes when they are taking the right steps, the end result doesn’t seem to be showing up.

This is where I come in. I can help them realign to their Soul and their purpose. Sometimes there are issues that may have been created over past lifetimes, and these issues have finally surfaced because other garbage has been cleared. Now these issues are showing up unexpectedly or perhaps, they were subtle before, but now, because they are engaging more with their Soul and trusting their intuition, the bastards show up.

The Spiritually Conscious person is aware they need to take action and make different decisions. They are excited to have the knowledge and apply that wisdom toward making the needed change that will enrich their lives. They understand they are the creator of their world, and are more willing to take the necessary action versus someone who sees themselves as a victim of circumstance, just wanting me to tell them when they can anticipate their life will improve.

If you feel you are Spiritually Conscious and ready to walk in your own divinity, call me today and I will help you align to your Soul’s purpose, as I have hundreds of clients. You can reach me at (850) 449-6081. I look forward to helping you attain your version of fulfillment.