Creating the Masterpiece that is You

I love the concept of loving ourselves deeply and passionately and it is how we should love ourselves, however, so much of the time we don’t, or we don’t love our lives anyway. We are constantly searching for something more and something greater to be or become and because of that we feel incomplete or [...]

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Empathic Exhaustion

Empathy is the strongest of all psychic intuitive abilities most of the population has it. So it is not uncommon or even that special. It is just part of the norm, however, here’s the thing about being empathic, most empaths don’t know how to turn it off! It is the constant state of being “on” [...]

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Unlock Your Sixth Sense

The sixth sense extends beyond the “normal” range of senses. It is one many people feel is there but lies just beyond their reach. In the metaphysical world it is of great interest. People don’t just want to know mediums or psychics they want to be one! For many to have that extra sensory available [...]

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