Feeling safe in any relationship is paramount. They give us a sense of belonging. To love, respect and trust another creates a healthy foundation. Those three attributes build other qualities such as joy, contentment and freedom and those characteristics make us feel safe. We always want to feel in our strongest relationships we have a safe place to fall where we can always be ourselves. However, there is one relationship we may neglect it is the most important one – the one with ourselves!

Do you love and respect yourself enough to trust your decisions? Are you content with the life you are building for yourself and feel joy in your daily life? Do you feel strong and powerful or weak and lost or perhaps a bit of both? Are you happy or depressed? Are you healthy or sick?

If you are lost, tired, depressed, poor or sick you are not safe in your relationship with yourself because you have abandoned you in the fear of following the rules of what is right for the world as a whole and not what was right in the relationship with yourself. Through my Creating the Masterpiece That is You program I can teach you how to enhance and listen to your intuition and to feel safe in making happier, healthier decisions so you will become empowered to stand safely in your truth.

These benefits are:

  • Having intimate knowledge of your Soul’s purpose and how it desires to express itself.
  • Knowing how your Soul communicates when you are making right or wrong choices.
  • Restored health and vitality.
  • Increased joy and abundance.
  • Healthier relationships.

Are you ready to build a loving, trusting and safe relationship with yourself? If not now, when will there be a better time to feel safe in trusting your decisions?