Spiritual GuidanceĀ 

Sometimes we need help figuring out why our life is complicated or filled with stress and anxiety. Over the years I have learned by the time most people come to me they don’t understand the work they need to do to create the change they desire. Instead, they are hoping I will just be able to give them a time frame when things will shift.

With my intuitive experience I can help you to listen to your Soul and begin to understand what changes, thoughts, actions or shifts you need to make in order to pave the way for life to become more joyful and less complicated.

If you are willing and ready to shift and change I can help you succeed. Together we can identify your biggest challenges. Then you can begin to initiate the steps we put into play with a loving support system. Change is hard but unhappiness is not how you are meant to live. Step into your birthright and become the one who can bring love and healing to your world.

These sessions are 45 minutes and the cost is $250.