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Discover a sacred space where spirituality, inspiration, and healing merge through the transformational power of love. This vibrant community is for those ready to deepen their spiritual journey, find strength in a like-minded community, and embrace the nurturing energies of love. We explore a variety of spiritual teachings, share personal insights, and support each other in growth and well-being.

Why Join Us on Patreon?

By becoming part of our Patreon family, you connect with fellow seekers, engage in enriching discussions, and enjoy exclusive content designed to uplift your spirit and spread positivity. Whether seeking healing, inspiration, or guidance on your path, you’ve found your tribe. Together, we aim to heal the world—one heart at a time, creating a global network of love.

Exclusive Benefits Await:

  • Access exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Participate in personalized sessions and community healing projects.
  • Engage with exclusive workshops and supporter-only group channeling sessions.
  • Enter a monthly drawing for a personal reading and much more.
See below for more information about the seven tiers, their costs, and the benefits each offers.

Step into a world where your support helps us cultivate a sanctuary of peace, enlightenment, and unity. Your journey towards spiritual fulfillment starts here, in a community dedicated to transforming lives—one precious heart at a time.

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  • What can I expect after joining?
    After joining, you’ll immediately gain access to the Patreon community and start receiving exclusive content and updates. Depending on your chosen tier, other benefits will follow, including personalized sessions, access to workshops, and more.
  • Can I change my tier later?
    Absolutely! You’re free to upgrade or downgrade your support level at any time. This flexibility allows you to choose the level of support and access that fits your needs and interests best.

Patreon Tiers and Benefits

Tier 1
($5 per month)
Tier 2
($10 per month)
Tier 3
Support Circle
($25 per month)
Tier 4
Inner Circle
($50 per month)
  • Thank You Note: A personalized thank you message expressing gratitude for their support.
  • Community Access: Access to a patrons-only community page on Facebook.
  • All the benefits of Tier 1, plus:
  • Patreon-Only Video Content: Access to video exclusive to Patreon members. These include motivation, spiritual and life affirming content.
  • Private Reading Contest: A monthly drawing to win a free private reading.
  • Digital Downloads: Monthly wallpapers, digital art and calendars related to motivation and spirituality.
  • All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:
  • Personalized Prayer: A monthly personalized prayer or meditation guide based on the patron’s submitted concerns or themes.
  • Exclusive Video Content: Access to exclusive videos, such as behind-the-scenes content, additional sermons and motivational talks not available elsewhere.
  • Q&A Sessions: Access to monthly live group Q&A sessions about spirituality, motivation, and personal growth.
  • All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:
  • Exclusive Workshops: Access to the Patron-Only monthly workshop.
  • Group Channeling Session: Access to Patron-Only monthly group channeling session.
  • Acknowledgment: Your name mentioned in the credits of videos as a token of appreciation.

Premier Spiritual Patron Tiers

Tier 5: Guardian Light ($100 per month): As a Guardian Light, you receive every benefit offered in preceding tiers, enhanced with deeply personal touches. Each month, enjoy a 15-minute one-on-one video call tailored for personalized guidance, counseling, or a spiritual prayer session to support your journey. Additionally, experience the serenity of a monthly home clearing, designed to refresh and purify your living space, aligning it with positive energies.

Tier 6: Angel Supporter ($250 per month): Angel Supporters are cherished for their profound impact and commitment. This tier not only includes all the benefits of previous tiers but also offers monthly comprehensive readings. These sessions can cover a range of spiritual needs, including connections with passed loved ones, personalized spiritual guidance, and even chakra balancing or energy clearing to harmonize your spirit. Gain unlimited access to all our workshops, available exclusively to Patreon supporters and through online platforms like Zoom. Annually, we invite you to a special meet-up or retreat, a time for deep spiritual exploration and connection. Plus, you have the unique opportunity to influence the creation process by requesting specific topics for upcoming content.

Tier 7: Celestial Beacon ($500 per month): Standing as a Celestial Beacon, you embody the highest echelon of our community’s supporters, holding a pivotal role in the spiritual journey we share. This tier encapsulates all prior benefits and introduces exclusive, transformative experiences. Engage in a monthly private group channeling session, limited to 10 individuals, fostering an intimate and powerful spiritual connection. Receive four hours of life mentoring each month, offering personalized guidance and insight. Additionally, each year, you’re gifted with a custom Soul Portrait—a unique artistic representation capturing the essence of you or a loved one in the divine presence, a testament to the spiritual journey we embark upon together.

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