“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

I’m Sharon

I am a new thought minister and a Unity Minister in the making! You haven’t arrived here by coincidence. Your Soul nudged you and you followed its lead. You are ready to break free of limitation and you are ready to do what is necessary to live a life of extraordinary proportions free from chaos and “have to” choices.

Our work together is not a bandage meant to heal what appears to be on the surface. It is much more. It is a loving exploration connecting you to your divine nature. The process to any of my work is truthful, gentle and supportive. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect and understand how to listen to your body, feel your feelings, find balance and realize you are a dynamic being with great potential.

Working with me can help you heal your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

There’s nothing I love more than to hold space for someone grieving and being the conduit to assist them in closure. Soul Restoration fills my heart with light and love and it is my divine gift to guide, encourage and witness others as they walk through the healing process of transformation again and again. Over the years that light has always remained true. My intention has always been the same. Love, Restore, Heal, Grow. Expand.

I believe you deserve a joyful life overflowing with love and healing. Deep down you know what you want you just need help tapping into it and bringing it to the surface. It is waiting like a treasure to be discovered and revealed to become part of you. It just takes willingness to uncover your beautiful potential. As long as you are willing, we can begin the journey of love and healing to create an energetic shift of well-being. We can travel the road of discovery together again and again. It’s not about being broken; it’s about learning to uphold your birthright and divine gifts. It is feeling and knowing you have the freedom to do and be! You deserve to experience yourself in the fullest expression of love, joy, creativity and fun. It is my passion to serve as a guide and illuminate the way for you to embrace a better, bigger life!

I believe in my abilities and my work. My offerings are based on my extensive 50 years experience of working with those who are lost and in pain. I have diligently honed my skills and my in depth understanding of the soul, divine love and the desire for authentic self expression.

My work is a shared extension of the life I live every day. I am a person who is motivated by being a unique expression of my divine self, living in a state of love, joy and gratitude. My life is filled with miraculous synchronicities, laughter, creativity, loving relationships and long walks in nature.

I believe in living a life that embraces the physical and spiritual worlds so our Soul can do what it was meant to do – GROW with love and self expression filling the Universe with the gift of love.  I am deeply humbled to guide you as you reclaim your Soul’s Gifts and become a conscious active participant in fulfilling your purpose. 

I would love to work with you.