I think we all believe in the statements “Live Life to the Fullest” and “Seize the Day,” but how many of us actually step through that door of fear to do it? It is scary. It feels like diving off of a mountain cliff. You know once you land, everything will change, and nothing will ever be the same. We are so afraid that we are not willing to risk our own discomfort for gain and change. We become crucified martyrs, hanging onto the cross, nailed in place.

We earnestly pray that circumstances will change so our needs and desires are accommodated. We want it to feel gradual, safe, and like everything around us changed so we didn’t have to do it. We are too afraid. Let’s not fool ourselves. We are chicken shits! We want life to be easy, and comfortable. We just want our thoughts to give us great and amazing results!

The truth is, in order to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST we have to be willing to change and grow. It is terrifying and freeing at the same time. There are those micro moments that you feel where the fear rises up from the Ego and says “Are you sure you really want to do this? You know others may not like it or approve. Maybe you should just go back to the way it was!”

And there is the most important part of you, your Divine Self saying, “I don’t want to go back. I am no longer happy there. I know I will be happier doing this when I get through the chaotic energy created by change!” FEAR sucks! It scares the shit out of you, and many times we allow it to ruin our lives because we would rather do what makes us unhappy because we have convinced ourselves we can be content with that.

I think where I am at now in my life is actually one of the most fearful moments of change that I have ever had. I feel like I am no longer giving my clients what they are used to at the price they were used to paying. And I have felt guilty and fearful for that, even though I get physically sick to my stomach when I think about still doing it. I am offering them something altogether different.

My husband, in his great wisdom, gave me the comparison that I was selling oranges and people loved the oranges! The clients I had were coming to buy oranges at a good price, and I had the best oranges in town!

Now I am selling hardware. I am advertising hardware to orange buyers! My clients have no interest in hardware because they were buying oranges and they are going to go look for oranges at a good price. I have to step up and find new clients who are looking for hardware. Since the world has an infinite supply of people in it, I am sure to find people who want to purchase my hardware. And by universal law if I want it – it has to be available!

BUT it is scary…because to stand in my Divinity means I have to destroy my pretty little Orange Stand and build a Hardware Stand. In order for me to be more, I have to be willing to step into my fullest potential of selling hardware; otherwise, I am not embracing the life I want to have, and cannot create the life I truly want. And I have the most amazing, loveliest hardware for sale!

I share my story with you because you might identify with my level of fear and the need and desire I have to create something new and better in my life. Perhaps I’m helping you realize NOW is the time to seize the moment—or carpe diem–and live your life to the fullest!

If you are ready to be uncomfortable so you can embrace your truest self – call me and I will guide you through it!

To your bravest self,

Sharon Renae