I am now accepting commissions on Soul Portraits of Passed Loved Ones

 When I connect with anyone living or dead I see their Soul, a beautiful universe of energy and creation each one is breathtaking and beautiful.

I was clearly guided to begin accepting commissions to paint Soul Portraits of passed loved ones, this can also include pets and miscarriages. This provides you with the opportunity to see how your loved one appears in the energetic state of love in the presence of God. 

Of course, I will gladly accept commissions for the living. 

Each portrait is unique and has its own soul signature of its connection to the universe. They might be bright and light, dark and bold, vibrant or soft but beautiful in its own splendor. The techniques I use vary per “soul” in order to capture the true essence of what is being revealed to me. When I do this work I am in the sacred space of the soul and in communication to capture the true form. Sometimes messages will come through that may be written or embedded within the painting. These messages are also written down to share with you when the portrait is completed. 

All portraits are created on a fabric gesso canvas cut to size requested and can be matted and framed or stretched and stapled to a frame. This technique allows me the opportunity to work without limitation or concern in denting canvas, warping canvas board or twisting the frame and it enables you to frame or display the portrait in the way that is best for you. It also provides the opportunity to bring the energy of love into the foundation of the portrait. They are finished with a protective UV coating with your choice of matte or gloss finish. 

Canvas is fully painted and size selected does not include the additional two inch margins for stretching and mounting the canvas to a frame without losing the integrity of the portrait when stretched and mounted.

 10” x 12” – $249

12” x 16” – $397

16” x 20” – $669

22” x 26” -$1,197

All Portraits require full payment when ordering. There are no refunds. All payments and sales are final. The price includes shipping and handling and mailed through USPS and only available to the U.S. and Canada. 

Layaway Plans 

Four pay layaway plans are available. Portrait will not be started until payments are made in full. If you decide to cancel at any time your payments will not be refunded. 

I only accept 6 commissions at a time. Please allow up to eight weeks for completion and delivery.

Please contact me via email for commissions.