Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

For the most part, these appointments over the phone so they can be recorded for you. Most everyone enjoys relistening and sharing the recordings with family members. The link to the recording is emailed to you right after the appointment. If you don’t receive it within the hour, please notify me.

Through this process more than one family member can participate and call in from any location to take part in the call. However, I do not suggest it be shared with friends unless you are seeking to connect to the same individual(s). One might get everything and nothing for the other.

Appointments for Messages from Passed Loved Ones are $150 for 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do in home gatherings?

I discontinued those several years ago.

What do I need to do to prepare for the appointment?

  • You can start sending a prayerful invitation to the person(s) you would like to hear from. You may not hear from everyone and there is usually a passed individual who will dominate the reading.
  • Be open and receptive.
  • Don’t invite someone you don’t know or never had a living relationship with, unless it is parents that died when you were young. Chances are they won’t have any interest in connecting with you.

Can you locate my biological parents?


This work opens the door for people who you know and loved to come through. Sometimes an unrelated individual who recently passed might show up if you have a connection to one of their living loved ones. Example: Your best friend’s mother just passed but you never knew her. However, she might come through because you are the closest link to her child. Once they are validated, they step aside.

What kind of information do they give?

Usually, it is situations, conversations that have recently happened in your life. It can be you just ran out of toilet paper to you scheduling a family trip. They may bring up names and memorable dates of those living and passed. They may tell you that they are okay, or that they can breathe, or they look good. These would be things they feel are important for you to know.

They show their personality, they may be flirtatious and flamboyant or quiet and reserved. They may apologize or they may tell you they like the room you just painted or that you sleep with something of theirs every night. I have never had a session where  deep heartfelt love was not present. Love is something they come in with.

Do I get to ask them questions?

No. It is their agenda. Instead set an intention that they validate who they are in a way that you will know it is them.

What if I want to hear from someone specific?

Instead of leaving it up to chance, ask me to please reach out to that individual at the time of the appointment. Sometimes we have an eager relative on the other side that will hog the session. If you want to hear from someone specific and you aren’t getting it, please ask. If I cannot connect with them I will let you know.

Do you do missing persons or murders?

No. It is too stressful. I cannot separate my need to not give information that could be wrong or hurtful. Usually, it works if I don’t know that is what you are wanting and I am just tapping into who wants to share with you.

The last missing person/murder I did I had nightmares for over a month.


Due to the accuracy that comes through in these sessions I was accused of getting information on social media. Although, I do not have the time or interest to do that, I want you to feel safe and your grief not exploited. You are welcome to block me from Facebook or when you register for your appointment put initials or anonymous in the name fields. You can tell me your name once we gather for the session so I can access your recording should you need access to it in the future. I do need access to your email or phone number to reach you in case there is a conflict in scheduling.

The passed individuals are in charge of the session. I can only share what they give me. They do not offer personal life advise or help with decisions.