As women we have a tendency to criticize or become disappointed in ourselves for not being who we think others expect of us. We take others unhappiness, lack of communication or needs as a priority above our own. Even my friends who are unmarried or live alone still consider the needs of their children and or parents first. I am not talking martyrdom in this situation, but the choice that their focus must be prioritized elsewhere than on themselves because that is what family does and what you do for the people you love.

We harshly judge ourselves for our weight, our aging and our drooping breasts. We often keep our passions a secret, such as reading romance books, wanting to watch chick flicks or taking a tarot class. We feel guilty for wanting to indulge in a quiet bath and a good book or that it is 9am and the house isn’t cleaned yet after sending a spouse and three children off to work and school. We force ourselves to get up and go to work in an environment that doesn’t make us happy because we want to eat and have a roof over our head because that is what people do.

What if being a woman could be different? What if we were empowered by our femininity and our divinity and our ability to create and manifest to change our lives in subtle or profound ways? We are strong¬† – mind you – when you really think about how long we allow ourselves to be tortured with misery and we just keep getting back up over and over again. Why then do we choose to stay there? Is it because we are working so hard to ignore our needs that we have learned to push them into the closet. Is it because we really believe if we wait long enough it will change and then we will be free to do…?

The truth is our Power is in our Present and when we change our Present we change our Future and Ourselves! Are you ready to know the top 10 reasons you need to Awaken Your Inner Goddess?

1. You are stuck. Nothing is or has changed in awhile. 2. You hate your life. It isn’t fun, you feel alone and unsupported. 3.You are too tired and too sick to care. You would rather pull the blanket over your head and not wake up…¬† Oh, yeah! These aren’t the reasons these are the results of keeping her silent!


1. Self Empowerment – Standing in your own power to make decisions where you actually base them off of your happiness.
2. Self-Love – Loving yourself and your body in such a way you honor and treat it kindly with love and balance. You don’t feel guilty choosing to take care of you.
3. Health – Making more empowering choices leads to less stress and better health.
4. Happiness – Choosing to not make unhappy choices empowers you to more Bliss-filled living.
5. Abundance – Awakening your Inner Goddess opens up your ability to receive from the unlimited flow of the Universe. It comes to you because you are present in your being.
6. Sexuality – Loving yourself opens the door for healthier and happier sensuality and sexual experiences.
7. Freedom – The power to make choices that only make you happy.
8. Self Confidence – Brings out your Divine Beauty and enhances the world around you.
9. Living – Life changes when we choose to thrive instead of survive. It becomes so much more flavorful.
10. Saying Yes to Yourself – You understand the power of serving yourself first changes the world you live in for the better and no one suffers because of it. You understand they can choose too!

Are you ready to Create the Masterpiece that is You and unleash your Inner Goddess?