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“In order for healing to take place we must know love.”
Sharon Renae

My Offerings

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you! Listed below are the most requested consultations with page links that provide detailed descriptions. This does not include all my offerings. If you are looking for something I don’t have listed please let me know so we can create an enhanced session specifically for you.

Grieving – Messages from Passed Loved Ones

This thirty minute session is a loving exploration connecting you to passed loved ones. The process is tender, caring, truthful, gentle and supportive. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect to those you are mourning and aide you in your ability to move forward. Schedule Now


I only recently realized this is my Sacred Contract. My agreement with God and myself is to help relieve others from their own personal demons. I began working with lost souls at the age of three. My guides told me I was an Emissary of Lost Souls. Sharing messages in readings came much later.  I send lost souls and entities to the appropriate plane with the aid of my guides and angelic team. My gifts enable me to remove souls and entities from haunted locations as well as from individuals that may have entities attached or stalking. The process is done remotely and is very non-invasive. I do not need to be present for the work to be effective. My procedure eliminates the need for drama, chaos and confrontation. My purpose is to Heal and Restore and all my work is a reflection for healing and soul restoration. When scheduling for a home or property choose Property Clearing and for Personal Attachments choose Personal Clearing/Entity Attachment.  Schedule Now

Life Clarity – Single Session

This 60 minute session is when you need any of the following:

  • Clarity and Direction
  • To get Unstuck
  • Spiritual Check-in
  • Realign to Your Goals and Desires
  • Moving Your Business Forward

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Soul Restoration

We meet for six -90 minute or 12 60-minute phone sessions over the course of three months. Between sessions we correspond over email to continue discussing concepts and exploring what comes up as you practice your new ways of being in the world.

The Soul Restoration experience is ideal for you if you have an area of your life you’d like to focus on improving and are committed to doing the work to create that change. Together we will look at your beliefs and habits, take stock of your relationships, and implement actionable steps for positive shifts. The healing process really begins when you begin implementing the divine voice of your soul building self love and trust as you begin to recognize and separate its call from the chatter of the mind.

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