Understanding Your Money Story

I get myself excited when I begin to focus with great clarity on my dreams. I get excited about the possibilities of them being part of my daily life. I love my life, I enjoy my work, but I have such a tendency to become so focused on that – that I forget the “why” I am doing it!

I am doing it for me! My work is my passion, being able to work with people as they go through 30 or 90 day programs as I assist them to discover themselves and their desires. I am good at it! It is who I am. But I actually do it for me because I want to create an income to have a lifestyle that really is beyond ordinary!

I want a lusciously, artistically inspired creative home that is a feel good space not only to myself but others. I want to get my eyebrows tattooed because they are sparse and practically invisible. I want really great artistic clothing. I want spa treatments on a weekly basis. This is why I do what I do! This is what light’s the fire to get me out of bed!

I hope me sharing this makes you realize what you want and desire too. There are two phrases that are often said in the metaphysical community. “I am a Spiritual Being having a Human experience,” and “I am a Human Being having a Spiritual Experience.” Both are correct and both are true. When we actually step into our Soul’s true power and embrace not only our desire but experience our creation we are both of those simultaneously, and to me that is the truest form Spiritually and Humanly – we are being BOTH!

Too many of us have “Money Stories” that keep us limited, unhappy and broke. It took me several weeks to figure out what my story was, and years to actually realize I had one! Working with my coach we discovered the unconscious experiences that became the foundation of my money experience.  This is my story – perhaps yours is similar.

When I was 12 my mother went to work. It became my job to do the chores every day and stay home to watch my siblings or know where they were. I also started earning money babysitting for neighbors. Once I started earning money it became my job to buy my school clothes or things I needed and sometimes to give to my mom to help with groceries. When I turned 15 I got a part-time job after school I still would have to do my chores before going to work and do them again when I got home at night.

During this time of me “earning” my own money and buying my own things if my sister wanted to borrow things my dad would make me let her. Well, often I didn’t get them back or she would give them to a neighbor. When I would tell my dad – he said it was because I was being selfish and if I wasn’t be selfish with my stuff then it probably wouldn’t have happened. I never remember my sister having to apologize or go get it back and give it to me.  He began telling me – it didn’t matter if it was mine or not if it was in his house it belonged to him and he could tell me what to do with it.

It all seemed very normal to me because it was my life and my parents were my authority, however; it created negative unconscious belief patterns that what I worked for or got didn’t really belong to me and was something I had to share with others. It interfered with my having permission to desire and want something for myself because I was selfish if I wanted it and didn’t want to share it because it really wasn’t mine to have.

Until this last year my husband planned and picked all our vacations – because I got so focused on “working” I didn’t look to my desires. I “worked” to make sure the money was available for the vacations but I was disengaged from them because I wasn’t allowing myself to pick a dream vacation or spend time thinking about what I would actually do on vacation, not that he didn’t ask. He asked a lot for my input to the point of his own frustration because I didn’t share what experiences I wanted to have. I just didn’t know how to do that. I only knew how to work to create the money to give him the experience!

I had to uncover my money story so I could cross the threshold from knowing I could have what I want to actually giving myself permission to have what I want. I then had to cross the threshold to give myself real permission to think about the things that I really want to have in my life. The truth is if we don’t want or know what we want we only create nothing and we all really do want something!

I had to give myself permission that my wants and desires can and should be just for me! I had to overcome the guilt and the shame of those very few that squeak about my pricing or my services. I had to cross the threshold to not be stuck in their money story and realize me stepping into my power did not interfere with them stepping into theirs. I had to cross the threshold to understand holding myself back for their benefit was only teaching them to stay stuck in their story!

If we don’t cross the threshold we will just keep making what we were making if we want to or not and our Soul’s won’t be quiet and accept our money story because it knows we are meant to be more and live extraordinary lives! We all need the mentoring of someone who has already been where we are so we can be supported and guided to step into our Divinity! Allow me the pleasure to serve as your guide.

What is your money story? Are you ready to uncover your blocks of limitation to discover your Soul’s purpose, step into your passions and create an inspiring life?