Property Clearing

There are times when we purchase a home or property that may feel uncomfortable and energetically unsafe or bothersome. I work with Divine Energy to reset and clear your space so that it is free of negative energies.

I have also worked for over eight years with realtors and property managers to energetically realign homes to make them more habitable for new residents.

Sometimes a home site may be bombarded with negative energy and this can cause financial issues, sleeplessness or even health issues for the home owners. Clearing work addresses all these issues. Remotely I connect prayer-fully with your property and find any and all negative issues surrounding your home and then I clear it through prayer and assistance with Divine Mind, Angels and Archangels.

Clearings can also be helpful to realign the home to sell and attract the perfect buyer as well.

Price $150


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Property Clearing consist of?

I go into the Akashic Records and ask a series of in-depth questions to discover the source of any disruption. I then go into an affirmative prayer process and clear away all negative findings. Afterwards I email the original findings and stating the clearing has been done. If I found concerning anomalies, I will set up an appointment to call the homeowner.

It is the reading that takes the most time an energy. If the individual doesn’t care about the reading aspect or what is going on, I can do the clearing without it. I do the prayer work addressing every possible negative scenario to make sure it is realigned. If the owner chooses to opt for just the clearing the fee is ONLY $100.

I noticed to get a Property Clearing I have to schedule an appointment. Is that when you do it? And are we on the call while you are doing it?

I usually do a Property Clearing within 72 hours of it being scheduled. The scheduler I use makes you pick an appointment time so payment can be made. We do not have a call at the scheduled time. However, you will have your clearing done on or before that date.

Do you do paranormal investigations?

No. I have discovered through personal experience it is not respectful or helpful to passed souls. Remote clearing with prayerful intent moves all entities to the appropriate plane without discomfort or disrespect to anyone.

Do you guarantee results?

No. I have faith and believe in my work. However, I have no control over the thoughts and actions of the homeowner. If the homeowner suffers from depression or an addiction it will change the energy of the home. It is up to the individual to take responsibility for life changes. If I clear a home and the owner calls in paranormal investigators there is the likelihood the investigation can attract negative energy.

Do you offer a discount for realtors or property managers?

I offer an annual package that includes either a set amount to an unlimited amount of property clearings based on the business’ needs. The fee will vary depending on the size of the business. Example: a hotel may require clearings more often than a realtor.