Even when I had my own New Age store, I had “issues” around people buying and using pendulums for one primary reason:

Most people do not understand that the pendulum just picked up and used is being driven by the EGO, not some higher source outside of them. Even when people have been taught how to objectively use it – they do not realize if they have strong desire or fear for something it is those emotions that will set the EGO in motion to create the wanted answer.

A pendulum can energetically swing and work for almost anyone who believes it will move. If you are using it to answer decision or need-based questions, it is going to be answered by the Ego. The Ego serves as a fierce protector–as well as a Soul growth blocker–because it remembers everything from a very personal perspective. So the Ego is tainted in its opinions, and is often motivated by fear and desire. It is very different from the Soul.

If you really want to get that settlement or win the lottery, the Ego will swing the pendulum in the “Yes” direction, because that is what you really want to hear. If you want to take a class but you don’t want to spend the money, it will tell you to not spend the money. That’s because you believe you will have money in the future to invest in the class you desire, but you do not feel safe to take the class now.

The interesting thing is, your Soul may be pushing or guiding you to take the class but the fear of spending money outweighs the desire for the Soul because the Soul doesn’t justify or explain itself, so the Ego swings the pendulum to the “NO” position. This provides relief and disappointment at the same time, and you are able to justify your actions because the pendulum “told you not to do it now.” Chances are, it is going to say “NO” to anything that causes you fear or hesitation. You have chosen to trust this little device over the desire of your own Soul!

To correctly use the pendulum, you must learn how to tap into the spiritual network outside of the Ego and yourself to get a more accurate reading. However, if you are reading for yourself, objectivity is still hard to achieve. This takes time and practice! I recommend listening to your Soul instead of your fear and your list of arguments, especially because your Soul isn’t going to argue with the Ego, which is going to make the pendulum swing in its favor. It is a great way of abdicating responsibility in our own spiritual growth, which is really not a positive benefit at all.

In the meantime, if you have a pendulum, use it for chakra balancing! It is a great tool for that!

Happy Swinging!

Sharon Renae