I love the concept of loving ourselves deeply and passionately and it is how we should love ourselves, however, so much of the time we don’t, or we don’t love our lives anyway. We are constantly searching for something more and something greater to be or become and because of that we feel incomplete or that something is wrong because we are not satisfied.

Let me set the record straight! Our desire for something more, even if we don’t have the slightest clue what it is – is our Soul wanting to express itself and attempting to be all that it was meant to be an EXPRESSION OF CREATION! There is nothing “wrong” with us. Our Soul is engaged in the experience of creating!

However, the problems arise by us not allowing our Soul to be the leader and the guide of our next adventure. Instead we allow societal opinions and parental rules to hold us back and question our desire to actually participate in our Soul’s experience and too frequently we hold our Soul back from its natural process of evolution.

Holding back lifetime after lifetime keeps our Soul bound by blocks and beliefs that we created through fear and disempowerment. We have allowed ourselves to believe we can’t, we shouldn’t, we have no choice, it is not right, other people wouldn’t like it, what if something bad happens?  Something bad is happening! By continuing to hold back we are living Ground Hogs Day over and over, life after life revisiting the same painful experiences because we won’t push through the boundary of discomfort and allow our Soul to do what it was meant to do. CREATE!

To be able to stand in harmonic resonance with our Soul is the greatest of all accomplishments because in doing so we are truly the Master of our Life and our Creation. The seed of knowing lies in wait within all of us and some master it sooner than others. It doesn’t matter how long it has taken each of us to master it, it matters only that we do, because in doing so frees us from the discomfort of disease, stress and poverty to joyful living with health, happiness and abundance through living simply by following our Soul’s true desires and need to become more than it is.

We will always find discomfort and dissonance as our Soul out creates its experience of ourselves, however; the beauty is that if we allow our Soul to serve as a guide and we go along with it we will lead happier more fulfilling lives because we are standing in our Soul’s creation.

Are you ready to Create the Masterpiece that is You and stand in your Divinity? If so, I am here to assist and help you through the obstacles you have not yet been able to identify.

To Living the Masterpiece that is You,

Sharon Renae