Empathy is the strongest of all psychic intuitive abilities most of the population has it. So it is not uncommon or even that special. It is just part of the norm, however, here’s the thing about being empathic, most empaths don’t know how to turn it off! It is the constant state of being “on” that creates a problem for the empath and because the feeling of being “sensitive” is so normal to them they don’t know they can or even should turn it off.

The degrees in sensitivity will vary per individual from slight to almost painful. It can lead to depression, anxiety, stress and illness. There are several different steps that an empath can take to turn it off or down so to speak and I will address the most important one; Pulling the energetic tendrils back and turning it off.

An empath does not need to worry if they turn it off they will lose the ability “to read” they won’t and to be in control of the sensitivity can be very empowering!

When empaths complain of extreme sensitivity that everything bothers them they are in a very weakened state. Visualize hundreds of light tendrils or cords waving around outside of that person’s energy body. These tendrils are reaching, touching and picking up all energy being emitted regardless of past or present. They have been given silent permission to stretch beyond the normal range of the person’s own auric field.

This first began as a way for individuals to protect themselves by being able to detect possible harm from outside influences and throughout the Soul’s existence and experiences became longer seeking further out and instead of just sensing for harm became connected to the 4th dimensional bodies (the emotional and mental body) and in this way the empath is connecting to the “feelings and emotions” of others or any energetic residue that simply exists and these invisible tendrils are sending those emotions back as very real to the empath and they in turn own, feel and resonate to the experience. It becomes very personal as well as exhausting when there is constant bombardment of the emotional senses.

When a child feels such things it is hard to recognize or understand the immense suddenness of emotions such as anger and aggression. The child may then get very emotional unexpectedly without warning. As the child grows this becomes normal and yet they still haven’t recognized they have the power to pull the tendrils back into their own space. This is why the bubble theory doesn’t usually work for long because the tendrils are not contained within the bubble. (The protective bubble is when you envelop yourself in a ball of white or gold light to protect you from negative influences.)

The most important step is to accept and realize if you are an empath you do have control over it and you are not a victim to it. If you have allowed the tendrils to extend beyond your own energy field you can pull them back. It is a matter of understanding you only need to pull them back! To quote Yoda it is a  “do or do not” choice. You either pull them back or you don’t. It truly is not something you do not have control over you have complete control you just may not have realized this ability can be tamed or conquered.

You can pull this energy back quite easily with practice without carrying the grief, anger and struggle of others. It first begins with understanding you have power over all you do and you can create a more “balanced” life without the stress of environmental anxieties.

You can learn to harness the empathic ability for relief, to tune into your environment or to help guide others in emotional situations and not become as depleted through practice.

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