Creating your dream can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. You think positive thoughts, create your vision board, write a plan, and say your affirmations aloud. You work very hard and deliberate at making your goal happen. And six months later? Zilch…nothing to show for it. We become bitter and disheartened. Deeply disappointed. Defeated.

You also begin to believe that thing our moms always said, (well mine did, anyway) “It only is for a chosen few.” Meaning, “There are some lucky ones, but you’re not one of them!” Well, if spiritual law dictates otherwise, why can’t I make it work?!? I have read all the books, followed all the steps, and I believe it is mine to have. So why is it not coming to me?

There can be several reasons. For today’s blog, I am addressing it from the point that you have been taking many of the above actions already with great intent. This is where I use the phrase “We are not all created equal.” Just like some medicines work on one person but not another, what works for one person may not work for you. Your own Soul’s Design is working against you. Or, to be more accurate, you are working against it!

How do I know? Well, if you were in alignment, you would be ahead of the game and not reading this article. You would already be out there, participating in your creation!

So there are five things that you might need to do differently if your techniques are not already working:

#1. First, step back and ask yourself “Do I really want this?” If the answer is “Yes,” ask yourself this question: “Am I taking all possible steps to make it happen, or am I waiting for something else to happen first?” For example, you might want to move, but you say you can’t move until you sell your house. By waiting for the house to sell, you are putting your dream into more of a gamble concept. You BELIEVE you can’t move because you already own a house.

No, I am not telling you to go buy another house first. I am asking you to reconsider why you believe you have to wait to sell the house to move. Have you even shopped for a new house? Have you looked at new and different locations in the area where you want to move?

You are BELIEVING you can’t move on with your life until the house sells. Have you started packing or going through stuff? Maybe you aren’t a deadline-oriented person and you don’t want to prepare. You just like to wait until the last minute. That is fine, if that is the type of person you are. So, what new and fun things have you added to your life to spice it up while you are waiting for your house to sell? Instead of thinking “I can’t do or commit to anything because I am going to be moving at some unknown time,” you can still move ahead in your life and take the dancing class or join Pilates. These would be new actions to help create forward movement. You are actually moving towards your goal while waiting for your house to sell.

#2. Secondly, ask yourself “Do my current actions align with my divinity?” In other words, are these steps making you happy? If no, adjust your actions in a way that resonates better to you.

#3. Consider this: “Am I having any fun?” Fun is important! It doesn’t have to do with the goal necessarily, but enjoying your life keeps you aligned with your divinity, relieves stress, and makes you more likely to attract what you are seeking.

#4. Meditate on this: “What results are my current actions giving me? Are these results in direct alignment of my goal, or am I spinning my wheels?”

#5. Be willing to adapt. Recalibrate. Change your actions if the current ones are working. This can be hard, because some people need variety while others need consistency. The easiest way to find out is to not change what you are currently doing, but add a variety of new things into your life. If change happens, then it was a positive step. If nothing happens, stop the variety and keep doing what you were doing. Sometimes consistency is the key, and a breakthrough is imminent.

Your Soul Design has its own unique makeup. The easiest way to make the Law of Attraction work for you is to know how your Soul is specifically designed to create and manifest. If you are ready to step into your own creative powers, contact me. I can help you as I have helped hundreds of other clients to unlock your own divine potential, realize abundance, and stand in your own power.

To your Bliss,

Sharon Renae