Love the Life You Live

To be in LOVE with your life is extremely comfortable and satisfying. It is a space of health, happiness and money. In this place you believe the world is at your fingertips because it truly is. It is a state of bliss and contentment and purpose driven towards joy. However, for many of the space of creation hasn’t seemed to be a possibility. Mostly because beliefs systems and attitudes taught consciously and unconsciously limit the understanding that we are all Awesome Creators of our life!

Once we become aware and understand we hold the power to fall in love with our life everything can change. If you are ready to live a life you love here are five simple steps to help you create a love-filled life!

1. Create Romance

Yes, you heard right! Begin having a real relationship with yourself, acknowledge you are worthy and deserving of love and the absolute best life has to offer! Do nice things for yourself; have meals by candle light, buy fresh flowers, get spa treatments, go on a date even if it is with a friend! Make love to yourself by creating a life empowered by passion and the desire for what you want. The more you realize self-love is the key to empowered living your life quickly begins to change. When you take the initiative for self-nurturing your self-esteem improves and others begin to treat you differently because you are placing a higher value on you and your life.

2. Say YES to Your Soul

Your Soul loves to grow and expand and will never cease its desire to do so. It knows what it wants and it will never lead you astray or lie to you, regardless of your fear and hesitation. The more you ignore and talk yourself out of your desires the more your Soul will persist to move ahead. When you live a life of conflict not listening to your Soul’s desire and you don’t say YES to your Soul it stops all forward movement and discomfort enters physically, emotionally, mentally and may even stop the flow of money. Saying YES to your Soul is the ultimate gift of self love and your life will change when you begin to say YES!

3. Believe and Dream

Give yourself permission to have dreams and desires. Big and small! You cannot fall in love with your life if you deny yourself the opportunity for Soul growth by not stepping into your creative potential. You are here to fulfill and live your dreams. Believe you can dream and believe you can have your desires come true. The Universe is happy to accommodate you in the highest way possible.

4. Get Crystal Clear

Get absolutely crystal clear on your desires. It doesn’t matter if you want a $9 pair of sneakers or a $9,000 sofa or a new relationship.  However, if you are not clear on your desires you will just keep getting more of what you already have. Take the time to become consciously aware of what you really want to have in your life. Do not focus or put any energy into what is “not” working or what you do “not” want because you will only see those things as being present in your life.

Your are deserving of far greater things than to be in a place of attracting poverty and despair. The more you focus on your desires the greater the opportunity to receive them. What’s not to love about that?

5. Live “As If”

Begin to live “as if” all your desires have come or are coming. Acknowledge them on a daily basis, give thanks for them and begin to take action towards them. This puts you in a state of loving gratitude to receive and once you begin to feel the energy of your desires you life begins to change. It becomes easier and easier to fall in love with your life because you are actually living a life you love!