Today is a new day. The beginning of a new adventure, the opportunity for growth and change. It can be as it was yesterday and the day before or you can choose to make it different.

When I get restless I know it is time for change that I have began to outgrow some thing(s) in my life. I don’t always know what they are or if it is just I need to add something new. So I really pay attention to how I am feeling.

To outgrow parts of our life is not a bad thing. It is not a terrible thing. It is not a failure that it no longer fits our life. Life is about growth. What worked last year or contentedly for the last seven or eleven years may not work anymore and we find ourselves trying to make it work or figuring out what went wrong when the only thing that happened is we out grew that specific part of our life.
When it becomes uncomfortable it is okay. What is not okay is to continue to remain uncomfortable. Your energy will be on trying to make this uncomfortable shoe fit but once you’ve outgrown it – it is not going to fit. I call it shoe shopping. I give myself permission to try other things, adjusting schedules, stopping one thing and adding another until the fit is comfortable.

If we have been wearing the same shoes for years – it may be a situation that needs to slowly be adjusted or worked in a comfortable time frame. Like leaving a the security of a job to have your own business. You give yourself permission to begin a new business and you start taking the steps towards it while working. Give yourself permission to venture forward while having the security to work. But put your energy into the new business, not in how much you hate your job. That energy will drain you and leave you without the energy to delve into your new business.

Sometimes it is not deleting anything in you life it is just adding something else. Do make sure that you always have a “pair of fun shoes!” Give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy your life. My favorite shoes are my “art shoes.” Wearing those shoes – being that person gives me the energy to do all the other things in my life. If I have to go too long without them, I become grumpy. So I make specific efforts to make time for my art shoes!

Find what works and fits, and stop wearing them if they hurt. Really think about – how often do you wear those really cute shoes that were on sale if they hurt your feet. You don’t and you don’t worry that they are taking up space in your closet because they are just shoes!

What ever is not fitting in your life just look at as a pair of shoes. Does it fit or not? Maybe you are just wearing them too long in the day and you need a relaxed pair.

So, gorgeous souls – I give you permission to go shoe shopping! Try on, take off, go barefoot!

Have a Bliss-filled Day!