Our Soul has a single goal – to CREATE! To constantly expand and become more, although we don’t always understand the “why” we all the sudden are unexpectedly done or dissatisfied with our situations; we just know we don’t feel as right with them as we once had.

This is the call of your Soul. Its driving need to create a new experience will cause it to reverberate within you, nudging you to do something different! It can only expand and express itself here in the physical. The one thing I have said as a medium is “The tragedy in death is not dying, it is dying without having lived.” Unfortunately there are too many of us out there that live fearfully, passively and actually believe this is the life they were given and have to accept it.

If it were true your Soul would not be reminding you that you want and desire more!

It is your Soul’s birthright and declaration to move brilliantly forward into unknown and possibly fearful territory, however it if was wrong your Soul would not push and insist that certain steps be taken. The restriction of pushing the Soul’s desires for growth into the back of the closet brings disempowerment. The sun is compelled to shine, no matter how many rainclouds might obstruct the view the sun still shines the brilliance that is its own! When we try and pacify our Soul and ourselves we are not letting the Light of our own Divinity Shine!

You hold Soul Power within your hands and mind. You hold unlimited potential to be the LIVING Embodiment of your Soul. It is never going to quiet itself or even explain why it is driven – it just is! It is up to you to feel, process and visualize how you would like to see that expansion work for you and then move the desire into attainable action. I refer to it as “The Art of Doing!”

You know your Soul is ready for a change, but perhaps you don’t know how to or what to change, or even who you really are within the depths of your Soul, there is help for that!

A Soul Reading tells you about how your Soul is specifically designed and the magnificent traits it carries within to be expressed in your life and by you being an expression of who you really are, you are a living expression that serves as a teacher to humanity to help others stand in their own Divinity.

If you are floundering, off kilter or just plain miserable you owe it to your Soul to honor, acknowledge, a manifest the best experience possible. Your Soul will never STOP its desire to create, but you always have the option to hold it back and to live miserably doing so. Don’t you owe it to your Soul to discover its beauty so you can more easily and readily allow it a place within your life!

A Soul Reading is only $125 and gives you the power to stand in your Soul’s Divinity and that is priceless. Get your Soul Reading today!