Karma and Essential Oils

Karma is the consequence of all actions. So if we want to create positive change within our life we must choose different new actions. It can be hard to understand how we may be attracting negative karma when we believe we are a good person. Bad things happen to good people all the time. However no matter how “good” we are our choices can still have a negative impact.

We have to be willing to take a look at every aspect of our lives. This means relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves, finances, health and especially our goals and desires. This can be daunting so much so that we may want to choose to be comfortable where we are. When we choose to make changes discomfort will show up. It is our ego’s survival instinct to fight against what it doesn’t know and hasn’t yet experienced. This is where essential oils can help us.

The Limbic System

It only takes three seconds for essential oils to reach the heart, liver and thyroid when inhaled. In addition the limbic system responds to real or perceived threats setting off alarm systems in the body. It then sends information by nerve and hormone signals. Within the limbic system there is the amygdala. The amygdala stores memories, good or bad based on smell, therefore some negative emotions can only be released through smell.

When we shift our karma and start taking unfamiliar actions the ego produces fight and flight signals into the limbic system. This can cause us to stop taking any new action because of the fight and flight effects. As a result this can be the primary reason we prolong making necessary changes. Essential Oils can offer stress relief, clearing, clarity as well as motivation to move forward.

Scent Memory

The amygdala is especially relevant since it stores memory through scent. It is the only part of the brain that holds cellular memory based on smell! Therefore memories can be jogged and awakened by scent. They can take us back to our grandmother’s kitchen with soothing feelings or remind us of exam time in college. I have two specific happy smell memories from childhood. The first one is the smell of coffee perking and bacon cooking at the same time while camping. The second is the scent of honeysuckle during summer evenings, being barefoot and catching lightning bugs. This memory is so strong I actually created a painting of it. However, I recently experienced an oil blend that reminded me of an unhappy time in my life.  twilight in summer

Unhappy Memories

Consequently, the smell of barns, horses, hay, sweaty leather reminds me of a time of dis-empowerment. That is where I immediately went when I enthusiastically opened and smelled my new oil blend called “Motivation.” I don’t really understand how the combination of the scents reminded me of the past, but they did. It opened something thirty years forgotten. Since forgiveness is part of my daily practice the pain of the memory remains absent, however for all of us smells can serve as a reminder to clearing karma.

Changing Karma

Since the amygdala holds memory based only on smell, essential oils can serve as springboard to help clear negative karma providing an avenue for us to create positive change and increase our emotional and mental well-being.

Breathing in and diffusing essential oils can help us recognize the memory that may still hold a a reminder of where we are currently stuck and repeating negative patterns. As a result makes us aware of what we actually need to change. If we stay in the memory and the negative feeling without letting go we are continuing the same karma. However, this provides the opportunity to make different choices.

We don’t know what might trigger a memory until we are in the throes of it. If we are taking steps to create change I believe if there is a memory we need to move past the Universe will bring it to us.  I suggest you always start with scents that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and motivated. This can aid you through the resistance to create positive change.

Breathing In

Inhaling essential oils is the fastest way to get the oils into the body. This is especially helpful when retrieving and replacing memory trauma and replacing karmic patterns. Releasing negative emotions with essential oils is something I utilize with clients in my work and I’ve seen amazing results. So the next time a smell reminds you of something good or bad just sit with it and let yourself be in the memory. If it is traumatic pick a soothing oil such as Lavender and breathe it in. Say an affirmation such as “I am safe. In this moment I am safe and I make choices that only empower me.”

  • You can hold the bottle under your nose and breathe it in.
  • Place a drop in your palm and rub your hands together and breathe it in.
  • Place 6-12 drops in a diffuser and breathe in the effects over time. My favorite way. We have a diffuser running constantly.

Essential Oil Suggestions

I use Young Living Oils because of the purity, quality and the choices available.  I recommend the following when initiating change.

  • Frankincense – enhances our spiritual connection
  • Lavender – soothing and calming effects
  • Peppermint – clarity
  • Stress Away – mood enhancing qualities (a real turn on for me!)
  • Peace and Calm – soothing and calming effects