The information below is part of what I am writing for my Alchemy of Love Class this piece took its own direction and I feel it was my Soul channeling a truth and a story to help those in my class learn to surrender to their intuition so they can achieve what they are meant to. It also brought me to tears with the acknowledgment of how trusting the soul’s voice my life and the lives of others changed. Here goes…

It has often been said “we are the sum of our thoughts.” There is truth to that for what we think and say becomes the foundation of our reality. The sad part of it is that usually we don’t want the life we have or the words in our mind to be true. We want something different – a fairytale life. How many times have you heard fairy tales don’t come true! That is another sad reality isn’t it?

We are bombarded with negative thoughts and negative realities we are told we can’t have the dream, the fairytale. That it simply isn’t available to us. Well here is the thing, the people who tell us we can’t have it are having a shitty experience too and if it can’t or hasn’t come true for them then it certainly can’t come true for you. Just wondering… how many times have you heard that or even said it yourself about dreams don’t come true?

Ever heard or said the following?

Dreams aren’t practical. Get your head out of the clouds. Wealth is only for a selected few. Only the people at the top get rich from network marketing. Only a few people really get to be movie stars or athletes. So, heck, why bother trying? Because why would your parents, teachers and mentors say those things if they weren’t true?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a movie star – my mom said I can’t it was only for special people. Then I wanted to sing and my parents told me to not sing loud or in public because I was tone deaf. When I was 12 I wanted to be a preacher, my mom said girls aren’t preachers. Then when I was in high school I wanted to be a lawyer but my dad said “how are you going to go to college because I’m not paying for it.”

No one told me there were ways to go to college, but I didn’t ask if there were ways either. I was a very obedient child and I assumed these things were well, just true. I couldn’t be a movie star because I wasn’t special. I couldn’t be a singer because I was tone deaf, I couldn’t be a preacher because I was a girl and I couldn’t be a lawyer because there was no money for college. So instead I opted to marry at 17 and become a wife and within two years a mother because that was what I was told I could be.

But, somewhere inside me that voice that just doesn’t shut up wanted more out of me. It wanted me to be more than an unhappy wife and mother. I was great at being a wife and a mom. I think anyways! But, the unhappiness and the loneliness I had in my marriage weighted on me and that voice inside wouldn’t shut up!

I kept feeling selfish because I didn’t know what I wanted but I didn’t want what I had. There was this battle that never stopped.  Then BOOM – when I was only 24 years old and shortly after the birth of my third child illness with the threat of death showed up!

What I know is I am not the only person who has heard similar things. Everyone has heard them in some way or another. I know that to be true because if everyone knew better our world would be much different. My family loved me. I felt loved. I never felt like my parents were being mean to me. They believed what they said was true and I needed to not have ambitions that I would not be able to achieve. This information would save me heartache and possibly embarrassment. They were protecting me from what they believed were childish dreams.

The thing is I could still be in that unhappy marriage feeling alone, taking care of a man who recently had a lung transplant however, I most likely would be dead due to the illness I had been diagnosed with – I was supposed to die before Christmas of 1989. But that voice inside wouldn’t shut up! If I hadn’t eventually listened to it you wouldn’t be in this class and I would have never done over 17,000 readings that were helpful and healing to other people.

Because I finally gave in and followed the voice not only was my life miraculously changed but potentially 17,000 other peoples lives may have shifted, healed or changed! God worked through me to help others. Without me following the voice that specific work couldn’t have been done because I was the channel for God to come through and share what needed to be shared!

So, here’s the thing. Dreams can come true. Dreams that you might not even know you have until you begin to listen to the voice of your soul and you allow your soul to tell you who you are and who you can be.

Can you see your own past story showing up in mine? Are you still in it? Are you moving forward but still not where you want to be because of all the cant’s you can’t have? Is the voice still trying to be heard but you keep swatting it away because it doesn’t agree with what you’ve been told?

Try surrendering to make way for the best possible dream to manifest itself.

Hugs and Love, Sharon