I am a  Young Living Distributor.

I am an avid essential oil user! For over 20 years from the first moment I breathed in the aromatic scent of Sandalwood I was a gonner! First of all, I am a happy hippie, a believer in organic living and an affluent lifestyle.  Essential Oils have always been a cornerstone in my practice for spiritual well-being. Essential oils are nature at its best and I love sharing the unlimited attributes and potentials of essential oils.

Finally, I am able to infuse essential oils with my spiritual practice to remove negative emotions blocking clients from being able to move forward. There is nothing more astounding than to witness a shift in someone’s energy and their awareness of emotional healing and release.

There are probably a gazillion uses for essential oils! Most noteworthy are the following; eliminating toxins, immune, emotional and mental support. Personally for me my all time favorite use is enhancing my spiritual practices. When we connect with our Soul we also engage in the physical aspects of our life treating our mind and body with greater love and care! Essential Oils tie it all together, providing pure organic soul-utions to our overall improvement.