The current state of affairs has created for many a lull in finances affecting people financially and emotionally. You may want help but at the same time you are watching your pennies. I hear and understand your concern to protect your finances yet needing to seek spiritual assistance.


I am now offering a ONE Question email reading for only $10!  Plus other low-cost amazing options!  If you are looking for full length, one on one readings where you may ask as many questions as you like, please visit my Grieving, Life Clarity, and Soul Restoration pages.


Readings will be answered on a first come first serve basis and depending on how many are ahead of you delivery time will vary I am estimating a 12-72 Business Hours turn around depending on the response. Weekend emails will be answered during regular working hours.

These will only cover one question. If you ask more than one, only one will be answered. I will answer the question I am directed to answer.

These readings do not include

  • Contact with passed loved ones.
  • Future or Fortune Telling Readings.

You may write an explanation of what is going on and your feelings if you wish to provide clarity on what you are seeking.

For Example:

I am feeling stuck and unhappy in multiple areas of my life. I am unhappy in my relationship, I am depressed and I just lost my job. I don’t know how to ask one specific question. I just need to know what I can do to feel better.

I can work with that.

Your questions need to be about you and not others.

For example:

  • Is my boyfriend going to leave his wife for me? I can’t answer for your boyfriend. Rephrased – I am currently in a relationship with a married man, is this the best relationship for me?
  • Are people talking about me? Rephrased – Why am I so worried about what other people think?
  • Is my spouse cheating on me? Rephrased – I think my spouse is cheating on me, what steps can I take to heal our relationship?

Your questions need to be as clear as possible. For example if you ask  – Am I going to go to move to London this year?  Your future is based on your past and current thoughts and actions and can change at any moment based on your choices and I may not be able to get a clear answer. I can give you better information if you asked instead – I really love London and I would like to move there. Do you think I could move there in the next year? This way I can be open to getting information to help you move.

The future has too many variables to provide clear answers. Instead of asking about the future it is best to explain the desire you wish to have and what if any actions you can take to help attain it.

I will answer your questions but it may not be a definitive response if clarity isn’t presented. Your guides may advise you in a more effective way when I have more information to draw from.

Impractical Questions

  • Will I win the lottery?
  • What are the lottery numbers?
  • When am I going to die?
  • How many grandchildren will I have?

I also feel it is important you know I come from a belief we are all responsible for our current state of affairs and I will encourage you to become empowered and make choices that will provide you with better results.

Please fill out the form below and select any additions your soul calls to.

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Take your time to explain if you feel the need.
I will do a clearing ritual prayer to remove current negativity.
I provide you with one or two affirmative prayers to help you align to your goal.
I remove a negative belief and replace it with a positive one. You will be given a description of the original negative belief/thought as well as the new positive belief replacement so you can continue implementing positive change.
I will tell you your chosen primary life lesson.
I will tell you secondary lessons you are still learning.
I will tell you your chosen primary life lesson.
I will provide information on your soul talents and how they can serve you.
I will tell you what Archetype you have chosen to help you fulfill and understand your sacred contract.
This is a meditative healing technique I have practiced for 20 years. Your reading will include the work I did and the direction of the healing.
I will tell you the order of your Soul Energy Centers and your power chakra with a full description of your primary energy center and how it affects your daily life.
I will provide a detailed report on how your chakras are currently functioning with helpful hints on how to align them.
Your order will immediately be moved to the top of the queue, and you will receive your order within ONE business day!

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to work with you! I look forward to doing your reading.