12 Sessions for ONLY $1000

Here are the details:

  • You receive one reading per month for 12 months!
  • You can gift readings to friends and family. (Only one per month) Great Gift Idea!
  • Readings will be scheduled month to month so you don’t have to worry about forgetting!
  • All sessions are recorded!
  • No more than one reading a month per purchaser, including when you gift a session.
  • All appointments are over the phone.  (Ask about video options if interested.)
  • Messages from Passed Loved Ones – other family members or friends may be on the call but it does not mean everyone is entitled to a message.
  • Due to my current ministry status and schedule I reserve the right to change appointment times if needed with advance notice.

Each month you can choose the type of reading.

  • Spiritual Guidance Sessions – 45 minutes
  • Messages from Passed Loved Ones – 30 minutes

SAVINGS OF $1,400!

Holiday Package
This form allows both PayPal and Credit Card. If you’d prefer to pay over the phone, please contact me.