Energy Clearing

Sometimes we feel our personal energy or even our home needs a form of spiritual cleansing. Allow me to work with you through prayer and meditation. All work is done remotely through a prayerful, meditative process. I cleanse and clear your spiritual, mental and physical energy realigning it back to wholeness.

Energy Clearing – $100  Schedule Now

Property Clearing and Realignment

There are times when we purchase a home or property that may fell uncomfortable and energetically unsafe or bothersome. Remotely I work with Divine Energy to reset and clear your space so that it is free of negative energies. I have also worked for over five years with realtors and property managers to energetically realign homes to make them more habitable for new residents. Schedule Now

Sometimes a home site may be bombarded with negative energy and this can cause financial issues, sleeplessness or even health issues for the home owners. Clearing work addresses all these issues. Remotely I connect pray-fully with  your property and find any and all negative issues surrounding your home and then I clear it through prayer and assistance with Divine Mind, Angels and Archangels.

Clearings can also be helpful to realign the home to sell and attract the perfect buyer as well.

Clear and Realign Your Property – $250 – (Individual Home Owners) Schedule Now

Realtors – Contact Me