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Unlimited Abundance in Santa’s Red Bag

by Sharon Renae

The Unlimited Abundance of the Universe I love comparing the magic of Christmas and Santa’s red magic bag to the unlimited abundance of the Universe. For most of us it is an experience we can truly identify with and we need to take that precious childlike approach to the present moment within our lives. If […]

Crossing The Threshold

by Sharon Renae

Understanding Your Money Story I get myself excited when I begin to focus with great clarity on my dreams. I get excited about the possibilities of them being part of my daily life. I love my life, I enjoy my work, but I have such a tendency to become so focused on that – that […]

Creating the Masterpiece that is You

by Sharon Renae

I love the concept of loving ourselves deeply and passionately and it is how we should love ourselves, however, so much of the time we don’t, or we don’t love our lives anyway. We are constantly searching for something more and something greater to be or become and because of that we feel incomplete or […]

Empathic Exhaustion

by Sharon Renae

Empathy is the strongest of all psychic intuitive abilities most of the population has it. So it is not uncommon or even that special. It is just part of the norm, however, here’s the thing about being empathic, most empaths don’t know how to turn it off! It is the constant state of being “on” […]

Unlock Your Sixth Sense

by Sharon Renae

The sixth sense extends beyond the “normal” range of senses. It is one many people feel is there but lies just beyond their reach. In the metaphysical world it is of great interest. People don’t just want to know mediums or psychics they want to be one! For many to have that extra sensory available […]

You OWE it to Your Soul

by Sharon Renae

Our Soul has a single goal – to CREATE! To constantly expand and become more, although we don’t always understand the “why” we all the sudden are unexpectedly done or dissatisfied with our situations; we just know we don’t feel as right with them as we once had. This is the call of your Soul. […]

How and Why Pendulums Can Lie to You

by Sharon Renae

Even when I had my own New Age store, I had “issues” around people buying and using pendulums for one primary reason: Most people do not understand that the pendulum just picked up and used is being driven by the EGO, not some higher source outside of them. Even when people have been taught how […]

What Does It Mean for You to Live Life to the Fullest?

by Sharon Renae

I think we all believe in the statements “Live Life to the Fullest” and “Seize the Day,” but how many of us actually step through that door of fear to do it? It is scary. It feels like diving off of a mountain cliff. You know once you land, everything will change, and nothing will […]

What Does Spiritually Conscious Even Mean?

by Sharon Renae

The term “Spiritually Conscious” is subjective; it could mean anything from following a religious doctrine to being a New Ager. In my work, it is neither one. I hear many people say they are “spiritual” in finger quotes. In my neck of the woods, that usually means open-minded towards non-traditional practices, and possibly a follower […]