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When The Soul Has Dreams

by Sharon Renae

The information below is part of what I am writing for my Alchemy of Love Class this piece took its own direction and I feel it was my Soul channeling a truth and a story to help those in my class learn to surrender to their intuition so they can achieve what they are meant […]

The Most Important Class I May Ever Teach

by Sharon Renae

  I am getting ready to teach the most important class I have ever taught in my career. I call it the Alchemy of Love. It is the most important because it gets down to the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts about how we can move from pain and suffering to a life of harmony […]

Messages from the Otherside Tele/Web Event – 1 Feb 2019

by Sharon Renae

Friday February 1st, 7pm Central Time Join me for a magical evening filled with love and hope as I reach across the veils of time and space to share messages from passed loved ones. I brings 54 years of experience as a medium and a conduit connecting to the spiritual realm and relying on the […]

LIVE Guided Spirit Guide Meditation – Feb 2019

by Sharon Renae

Sunday, February 3, 2019 2pm Central Time Includes Recording – Limited space Join me on this live meditative journey as I guide you on a relaxing tranquil connection with your spirit guides. Session will be recorded so you may utilize it again. Suggestions for an easier connection: Wear comfortable clothing Set the intent and be […]

Discover Your Divine Abilities Workshop – March 2019

by Sharon Renae

Saturday March 23 11:30am – 4:00 O’zone Pizza Pub in the Board Room 1010 N. 12th Avenue Pensacola, FL 32501 Includes Lunch!!  WOOT!  Did somebody say pizza! We all have gifts that have been bestowed upon us since our beginnings. For some these gifts unknowingly drive them forward, while seeming to evade others. No one […]

There is Sunshine

by Sharon Renae

Today, we are on a rest day between travel destinations. We left Lake Medina, Texas yesterday to head to Benson Arizona where we will arrive tomorrow. We stopped half way in Van Horn Texas. We are now officially in desert country and all humidity is gone. We woke up to 45 degree temp and it […]

Connect to Your Passed Loved Ones LIVE Guided Meditation – November 2018

by Rick

LIVE MEDITATION Connect to Your Passed Loved Ones LIVE Guided Meditation All Saints Day November 1 at 7pm Central Time ONLY $19.99!! Includes Recording – Limited space Join Sharon Renae via web or phone as she guides you on a meditative journey to help you to connect with a passed loved one or one of […]

Calm and Serene Retreat in Flagstaff, AZ with Sharon Renae

by Sharon Renae

Calm and Serene Retreat in Flagstaff, AZ with Sharon Renae December 2 – December 5 2018 I would love to have you come and share a few days with me, experiencing life with serene calm and contentment. I am doing something I have never done before; I am hosting a Hygge Retreat in the beautiful […]

The Value to Downsizing is Freedom

by Sharon Renae

Over the last four weeks I am learning the value of downsizing. Although, madly in love with my home and my work I realize I was experienceing stress regularly. But nothing out of normal, frankly, not as much as most people. But, this is what I have come to understand. If you suffer with migraines […]