Seeking Love, Healing, and Purpose?

Whether you’re navigating the heartache of losing a cherished one or simply searching for direction and clarity in life, you’re not alone. We all yearn for those mornings where we rise with joy, fully believing in life’s goodness. It’s natural to wish for relief from pain and the chaos that sometimes engulfs our days.

But guess what? Your journey has led you here, and it’s no coincidence. Perhaps it’s the universe’s gentle nudge, signaling that you’re ready to overcome hurt, battle depression, or break free from whatever holds you back. You’re on the brink of rediscovering yourself and unlocking a life brimming with purpose, meaning, and the unique gifts only you can offer to the world.

Discover How I Can Help: Dive into the ‘My Offerings‘ page to explore the array of services tailored for your healing and growth. And remember, I’m just a message away if you have any questions or need guidance.

Messages from the Otherside

Embarking on a Healing Journey?  Healing can be a challenging journey, especially when the wounds run deep, leading many to feel adrift in a sea of despair and sorrow. Having a solid support system is crucial, yet not everyone has that lifeline. Are you seeking guidance and support? Whether you’re grappling with personal trauma, the loss of a dear one, familial challenges, or health setbacks, I’m here to help.

Join me for a 30-minute session and let’s navigate the path to recovery together.   $150

Property Clearings for Harmonious Living

A home can sometimes harbor unseen negative energies, which may manifest as financial challenges, restless nights, or health concerns for its inhabitants. My specialized property clearings are designed to identify and dispel these negative influences. Through remote assessment, I’ll pinpoint the disturbances around your dwelling. With the aid of prayer and the guidance of Angels and Archangels, I ensure a cleansed and harmonious environment for your home.  $150

Spiritual Guidance – Unraveling Life’s Profound Mysteries

In today’s ever-evolving world, teeming with distractions, finding your authentic path can feel like deciphering a celestial code. Spiritual Guidance acts as your compass, shedding light on the shadows and connecting you intimately with your inner essence. Through in-depth discussions, reflective exercises, and transformative meditative practices, our journey unfolds.   45 minutes – $150

Soul Portrait Custom Artwork

Soul Portrait Custom Artwork: Dive into a realm where art meets spirit. Crafted on a 12″ x 16″ canvas, each bespoke painting is more than just brush strokes — it’s a reflection of your soul’s unique tapestry. This isn’t merely a painting, but a visual journey into the heart of your being. While this isn’t a reading, it resonates with the energy and essence you emanate. As each portrait is meticulously hand-painted with devotion and attention to detail, we kindly request your patience, allowing up to 6 weeks for delivery. Embrace this rare opportunity to witness your soul’s vibrancy and depth, immortalized in art.  $250

Soul Package

Discover Your Soul’s Blueprint: This package ranks among my top recommendations and is delivered in a focused, single session.

Dive deep into an insightful reading where I unveil your soul’s essence, its significance, and the unique gifts you bring to the world. We’ll explore both the luminous and shadow aspects of your being. I’ll illuminate your chosen life theme, revealing its potential positive and challenging manifestations, equipping you with awareness to instigate change when necessary. Furthermore, we’ll delve into your soul’s specialized skills – think of these as your “celestial master degrees” – tools you possess to positively impact humanity.  $349.00

Intuitive Development Mentoring

Embark on a transformative journey to harness and refine your innate intuitive abilities. My Intuitive Development Mentoring program offers a structured approach to delve into the deep reservoirs of inner wisdom and heightened awareness. Whether you’re a novice eager to uncover your intuitive potential or someone aiming to hone your intuitive abilities, my mentoring sessions equip you with the guidance, tools, and support you require. Navigate life’s myriad challenges with unparalleled clarity and confidence.  $1000.00

Messages from the Otherside – Group Channeling Sessions

Join Rev. Sharon Renae for Messages from the Otherside. Rev. Sharon embraced her gift of mediumship at an early age and spent 18 years doing meaningful group gatherings sharing messages from passed loved ones, even pets. Due to popular request and inner guidance, she believes the world needs healing now, more than ever. Allow yourself to experience the healing as audience members hear from passed loved ones.

Rev. Sharon, draws upon her faith and trust in the Divine to support her in sharing these heartfelt and heartwarming messages. She is grateful for the opportunity to be of service and to provide comfort in grief.