The Alchemy of Love

Restoration for mind, body and soul

Six Week On-line Class Begins Monday February 18

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The missing link in our lives today is LOVE. We need to have a deeper understanding of the true concept of Love. We may have an idea of how it feels to love someone and the pain of losing them but most of us really don’t know how to apply love in our daily lives.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see how love is showing up in your life.

  1. Are you holding any grudges, anger or resentments against anyone or anything?
  2. Do you feel and believe you have been wronged?
  3. Do you feel denied?
  4. Do you worry about not having enough money to cover your basic needs?
  5. Do you believe spending money on your own desires is frivolous or impractical?
  6. Do you worry about health or having health insurance?
  7. Do you worry about loved ones?
  8. Do you let your children control you in fear of being separated from them or your grandchildren?
  9. Do you believe you are a victim or circumstances?
  10. Do you believe you have to protect yourself from being hurt?
  11. Do you feel alone?
  12. Do you suffer from depression?
  13. Do you try to control your life?
  14. Do you contemplate suicide?
  15. Do you feel you are the only one who can take care of you?
  16. Do you feel it is your burden to take care of others?
  17. Do you worry about the future?
  18. Do you believe God/Spirit/Universe has turned its back on you?
  19. Do you feel unworthy?
  20. Do you feel dis-empowered?
  21. Do you make choices based on fear?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this means LOVE in its truest form isn’t showing up in your life. This doesn’t mean you are ignorant or undeserving of it. It means you are living in separation from this energy because of what you have been taught and this has created lifetimes and generations of repetitive cycles.

Physical and emotional healing, overcoming poverty and finding our purpose cannot be accomplished without love. As human and spiritual beings the truth with a capitol “T” we are often searching for actually starts with an “L” its LOVE! When our life is out of balance or unhappy and we don’t understand why it is happening it is because we believe this is just how life is and how it is supposed to be.

Love heals the mind and body, creates happiness, restores right thinking, abundance and manifests miracles.

Are you ready to be filled with Love and have your soul and life restored to its rightful state?

Let me help you bring love fully and completely into your life.

Join me on this six week evolution to love and healing.

The Alchemy of Love – Restoration for mind, body and soul


During these six weeks you will learn how to activate love in your life through simple proven techniques. These techniques and spiritual laws will enable you to restore your life from one of illness and lack to one filled with the richness of love. It will open the door for the right and perfect path, the right healing, the right work and even the right partner.

Week One – Our Benefactor and Our Birthright

  • The ingredients to living a love-filled life
  • Implementing love through releasing negativity

Week Two – Healing Body, Mind and Soul

  • Reprogramming our thoughts and beliefs
  • Resolving Karma

Week Three – Love Alchemy

  • Understanding how love is the necessary ingredient to life transformations
  • Discover how to harness the energy and the power of love

Week Four – Conscious Connections

  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Increase Your Vibration

Week Five – Creating and Manifesting

  • The Art of Asking and Receiving
  • Grace and Gratitude

Week Six  – Surrender to Love – Miracles at Work

  • Discover how to let go of forcing outcomes
  • How to implement faith

This class includes:

  • Six weekly scheduled teaching calls (one per week) and recorded for you.
  • A private Facebook group for additional questions and answers (you are not required to participate) where you have access to me daily.
  • Class Documentation sent right to your email.


  • Bi-weekly Q&A call to help you with your questions or any difficulties that arise.
  • Two additional support/motivational calls one at nine weeks and one at 12 weeks to help keep you in alignment to love and healing.

This class if filled with ALL the information and spiritual tools you need to change and shift your life. All you need to do is apply the information as taught and positive changes will occur.

What You Need to Know

Documentation will be delivered on Mondays and Teaching Calls will be on Tuesday to provide time for you to review information prior to class.

This class will include assignments to enable you to be more open to receiving love, healing and miracles into your life. These assignments are for you own development and are not mandatory but strongly encouraged so you can be the recipient of positive results.

Change is never comfortable. You may feel discomfort and resistance at trying new practices. However, if you implement the techniques the discomfort will dissipate. If you do not implement then your life will stay the same and you will not achieve the results and you will continue to experience discomfort.

This class if filled with ALL the information and spiritual tools you need to change and shift your life. All you need to do is apply the information as taught and positive changes will occur.

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The Alchemy of Love - Feb 2019