Sacred Counseling 

I hold a sacred space for you to express and share your inner thoughts and beliefs without judgments or offering advice. I partner with you to go within to connect with your deepest, highest self in a gentle, supportive, loving way.

One of the first things you will share are stories about how you see God.

This is a spiritual process, not a religious one. However, it helps you to take the lead in creating a personal relationship with the Higher Power that you believe in. I can better serve you by compassionately holding the space for you to connect with your own intuition, the Universe, your Higher Power, Goddess or the God voice, (whatever spiritual term you connect with).

When you make your sacred connection to the Spirit within, you become empowered to live a more spiritual, balanced and happier life.

By providing Sacred Counseling, I am aiding you to tap into the Light of intuition by helping you to build trust with your highest self. This enables you to grow in spiritual awareness and become the creator of your life.

This type of work has been used since ancient times in teaching others how to connect to their inner light, what I refer to as the God voice. Through the centuries it was manipulated from teaching people how to go within to telling them to look outside themselves and trust what they were told was true. This created separation from knowing Divine Source.

Through this process you can learn to trust your intuition and discover or rediscover the Higher Power residing in you. This empowers you to heal and create a life filled with intuitive trust and confidence in your decisions.

These sessions are 60 minutes and the cost is $45.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sacred Counseling and Life Coaching?

Life Coaching provides strategies for achieving specific goals and identifying blocks.

Sacred Counseling helps you build your own personal relationship with Spirit. Through the process of mentoring, listening, prayer and meditation you begin to understand how to distinguish the God voice from the mind chatter. This helps you to have clarity with your heart’s desire and life purpose.

What is the difference between Sacred Counseling and Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral Counseling provides spiritual and or religious support through listening, prayer, feedback and referring other resources as needed.

Sacred Counseling provides mentoring in helping you develop an intimate relationship with yourself and a Higher Power.

What are the benefits of Sacred Counseling?

  • Building an intimate relationship with Spirit
  • Living with faith, grace and gratitude
  • No longer being a victim
  • Developing your intuition with your higher power
  • Being a co-creator

What Sacred Counseling is NOT

  • Goal Setting
  • Life Advice
  • Religion Based
  • A list of weekly assignments
  • A program with an end date or contract
  • Psychotherapy

What Sacred Counseling IS

  • Connecting to you Higher Power
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Inviting Spirit in
  • Sharing your pain and your joy
  • Recognizing Spirit in the ordinary and the painful moments
  • Following the Divine voice
  • Compassion and caring
  • Meeting you exactly where you are
  • You set your pace, once, twice, monthly…

Sacred Counseling is for those seeking a spiritual connection with God. It is a very personal, sacred and spiritual experience and will vary person to person. Each individual sets the pace and takes the lead trusting where their heart leads them.

These sessions are 60 minutes and the cost is $45