New Age Wars- The Spiritual Conflict Series

My Guides VS Your Guides

Our Spirit Guides are one of our greatest support systems and they can really be of great assistance when we are actually listening to how they communicate with us. This may be through a very clear sentence to a physical body response or helping to deliver an opportunity based on timing! Yes, being in the right time at the right place – isn’t always an accident!

So, you might being asking your guides to help you get the assistance you need to learn how to trust your intuition or really develop and enhance your psychic abilities and so you are talking to some friends and they tell you to talk to Sally Smith.  So they tell you that Sally Smith is really good at what she does and they have seen her in person or even taken one of her classes. Well you put it in the back of your mind and then the next day you see that several of your friends are sharing a FaceBook post from Sally Smith and now you have heard her name come up twice… hmmm… is that a sign???

Then you are driving down the road minding your own business, singing a song and it pops into your head as clear as day, “Sally Smith can help you!”  You take it as the sign from your guides, your heard her name twice from other people and now while not even thinking about it you heard to call her. You get really excited because the Universe and your guides have given you clarity – contact Sally Smith.

So in all your excitement you look up her number and you call her and give her your exciting message, your guides told you she can help you! You eagerly await her call.

She returns the call and you are so excited because you have heard so much awesome stuff about her and based on her website she has not only the life experience but she makes a living at it too! You eagerly tell her all about yourself without even taking a break and how you got the message from your guides that she was the one who could help you.

She tells you she can help you and she understands you needing to know what to do with this gift and that you need help to refine it. She says she can help you and she is happy to work with you. BUT – she doesn’t get it, because she begins to talk about you paying her money for the training or an apprenticeship! What the fuck is that about? Your guides said she could help you and she is telling you  – you have to pay her?! Why, would she even think you should pay her after all your guides said to call her?

You take a deep breath and you say to her. “You don’t understand, my guides told me you are the person to help me. You really need to talk to your guides to talk to my guides so you can understand what this is about!”

Here’s the thing. Your guides told you she could help you. They didn’t tell you she would stop earning a living and give you all the time that you might need for free. In fact your guides don’t even know her business they tend to yours not hers. You asked them for support and a sign and they provided it on three different occasions. It was your own assumption that because you were spirit led that you should be spirit fed at the financial and time expense of Sally Smith.

Sally on the other hand trusts her guide team and her own intuition. She learned over time that to give her work away served no purpose to herself or the people she tried to help because they didn’t value the information enough to actually apply it and they came time and time again asking her to attend to their needs. She learned to value her worth, time and energy. She happily works with clients like you but for a fee equitable to what she offers. Her guides guide her only in regard to her needs and desires not based on an assumption of what others need.

It is of up most importance to understand our guides only know our business and they have no access to intrude or know about someone else! They can and do only serve us. To impose or guilt someone to do something because our guides told us they could help us does not mean that person should bow down to our desires no matter how much we feel we need their help.  Our guides simply sent a message that if we choose to apply it could serve us in a positive way, even if that involves payment for exchange of services.