New Age Wars – The Spiritual Conflict Series – It’s Not Meant to Be VS Desire

The number one thing I hear as a Spiritual Practitioner from clients who desire to work with me is if they feel they can’t afford me “it just isn’t meant to be.” If we believe we have the ability to create and manifest, and believe in the law of attraction and believe in “signs” from spirit or our spirit guides and what we were looking for ends up right there in front of us it isn’t an accident. The planets all came together to shine upon us! (Okay a little astrological exaggeration on my part!) But we say it is not the right time or it isn’t meant to be because we don’t have money today. This is really an excuse that we are relying on to comfort our fear.

By Spiritual Law if we desire it – It. Has. To. Be. Available. PERIOD! Our guides lead us to the opportunity, our timing guide presented the opportunity and there we stand in all our fearful glory and say – the biggest New Age excuse that was ever created – “Well, I guess it is not meant to be.” If we really buy into it – we do not even trust Spirit or our guides, and in truth we wanted them to give it to us wrapped up in a little package with a bow without us having to step through any fear and just receive!

Growth does not come without pain. This doesn’t mean we have to or should in any way suffer. It means when we are evolving it is very scary and fearful and fear is a painful scary experience but we will never grow without it! AND it is always going to show up when it is time for our next energetic shift.

When we desire to have something or be something and we ask the Universe or God and our guides for assistance, clarity and direction they will give it to us. Our error is that we think the “sign” itself should be home free without any discomfort. Our judgment on such things is clouded because we have silly teachings in the New Age community that people use and say as a crutch to keep things comfortable and/or we had a mentor at one time that said it and so it made sense and now when we desire something and we believe it is not financially attainable because the cash is not sitting on the table directly in front of us that it is not meant to be.

I am going to use a very Baptist analogy – if you are into New Age beliefs and practices you will throw this statement out with the bath water: “The devil made me do it, or the devil made him do it.” We know this is an excuse to not take responsibility for our actions and so we just blame it on the devil, so how is saying “it wasn’t meant to be” any different?! We have asked the Universe, God to guide us and we are presented with an opportunity by Divine synchronicity to actually say “no way God, am I going to be responsible to pay for that opportunity!”

My biggest rewards have come in moments of stepping up to the financial investment required for my spiritual growth and awareness. My fear in hesitation has always been failure to follow through with the agreement and embarrassing myself and not honoring my agreement, however; truth be told the money has always shown up because in the depth of my being to not have it was not optional. I have also grown the most through those financial risks.

I have lived in lack, disease and poverty. I know the reality of not having. I also have learned in order to shift from the state of these things I had to invest time, energy and in many cases money in order to rise above those situations. It is very scary and panic driven – but my desire to have and be more and my faith that Spirit put me in front of these opportunities rattled a fear so great the desire to have wasn’t being pushed down by the fear of affordability and in absolute terror I pushed the “pay now” button.

This action has always yielded great returns, however I am not willing to invest and not be a responsible participant. I stay true to the course and have done what was required in order to bring joy, happiness and abundance and the results I desired into my life.

If we truly desire it – it is meant to be! The money has to be available! We just have to face the fear and push the pay now button. Faith comes by actually applying it and if we really desire it we have to trust that we have the skills and the motivation to do what needs to be done in order to make the funds and time available. If it truly is not meant to be the opportunity would not have presented itself.