New Age Wars – The Battle Series – Charging VS Not Charging for Spiritual Gifts

This is one of my biggest peeves in the New Age/New Thought/Spiritual belief system is that you shouldn’t charge for your gifts! First off our whole being is filled with Divine Gifts and abilities so if we shouldn’t charge to share them with others we would not really have the opportunity to eat or have anything, or yes we could and they call it bartering!

Back in the days of old and even in some third world countries or tribal areas it still happens – if a person needs something another has they would trade something of equal or greater value to receive the goods. Meaning if someone had fine cloth and sewing skills they may have bartered a robe for two bags of grain and three chickens if their desire was to have food for their family. The person who bartered for the robe may in turn have taken into the market and sold it to a wealthy merchant to have coin to purchase more seeds and feed for their chickens and still trading so the merchant receives equal or greater value.

Today’s idea of bartering to me seems to be much different – and I have found the person that wants to barter is because they want to receive your services without the exchange of money but with the intent to come out ahead or you do for them and then they will provide you their service when they have time. I know this to be true since in my early years of connecting to these communities I have experienced it.

Spiritual Practitioners would contact me saying I “need” their service and if I give them a reading they will give me this great energetic gift of healing. What I came to realize is I never wanted the “gift” in the first place and if I had I may have received a greater value because I desired it but I allowed them to guilt me into the trade. I still am owed from previous exchanges years back 13 massages, 6 haircuts, three energetically designed necklaces and two turtle doves…(ok, the last one was fun to throw in.) Bartering can only serve if the party that desires the barter is giving greater value from the person whose service they want to receive.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter – charging real MONEY for your Spiritual Gifts. We all have gifts and abilities and if we are doing something we love and are passionate about it is definitely a gift, regardless if it is gardening, accounting or massage! I hear so many times over and over that people feel it is wrong to charge MONEY for something they consider is a gift from God.

Money is the currency of energy that flows as our up to date bartering system. Let’s face it – you are not willing to work just for peas! You might want to have some carrots, a blanket, some clothes, and a shelter! You and your employer agree that money is the easiest way to exchange payment for the services you are bartering your innate gifts, abilities, time and energy for.

Why then if it is considered “Spiritual Work” should it be any different and why should you barter for things you really don’t want or for nothing at all.

Do we really believe that strongly that God will punish us for charging for our gifts? I think that goes against New Age thought! Or that by giving them away for free one of our recipients is going to drop by one day with a deed to a house or give us a car or $1,000 in groceries?

Our Soul is designed to create and be more, we have been blessed with the gifts of mind to think, emotions to feel and physicality to “do and be” so we can experience this world of physicality and duality by expanding not only our minds and thoughts but our environment. We have been given the gifts of “desire and creation” yet we tell ourselves we are not worthy of a financial exchange to share our “gifts” so we cannot be in “desire or creation”  This is not be embracing our Divine Essence!

By charging our value in exchange for a service we provide so we can embrace our goals, dreams and desires is the best expression of our spiritual gifts and one that can also empower others to acknowledge their own self worth! We charge so we can meet our desires head on by exchanging the money to have them if it is to remodel your home, buy a boat, take a class or hire a coach. The charging of money offers us the opportunity to receive our desires!

In regards to this New Age Battle I say… CHARGE AHEAD!