Saturday March 23 11:30am – 4:00

O’zone Pizza Pub in the Board Room 1010 N. 12th Avenue Pensacola, FL 32501

Includes Lunch!!  WOOT!  Did somebody say pizza!

We all have gifts that have been bestowed upon us since our beginnings. For some these gifts unknowingly drive them forward, while seeming to evade others. No one is lacking these divine traits they have only been clouded over and perhaps forgotten due to dis-empowerment and victimization through humanities limited evolution.

Haven’t you ever wondered what it is that you have to share and can it indeed be of service or use to the world?

Have you ever felt like there was suppose to be more to your life?

Have you ever felt if you just knew what it was you were here to do life would be so much easier?

There isn’t a more important time in our history than right now to become part of the change the world needs to create a shift in awareness to move through the negativity and into the space of love.

In this workshop I will guide you in discovering your Soul gifts and help you to understand how you can draw upon their strengths and utilize them to enhance your own life and if you choose use them to aid humanity. You will not leave uncertain and YES everyone has more than one divine trait to help them shine their light!

Fall in love with your life’s purpose by discovering and embracing your divine gifts!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Two or more of your Divine Abilities
  • What knowledge those abilities provide you
  • Specifics about your ability
  • How your gifts show up in your daily life
  • The Angels that supports your gifts

You will gain:

  • Clarity, understanding, relief and connectedness because you will realize how it was showing up all along!
  • A deeper, renewed sense of purpose.

This workshop is hands on and will include you making your very own pendulum! I will teach you two ways to access your soul information so you can choose to use the one that feels easiest for you and if you are too untrusting to do it for yourself I can help you! You will not leave the workshop not knowing your gifts and their strengths!

This workshop includes lunch!

The cost for this insightful event is ONLY $69.

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Discover Your Divine Abilities Workshop - March 2019