Perhaps you are grieving over the loss of a loved one and you are in need of healing.  Maybe it is not about a loved one; it is about finding your way, gaining clarity to make the decision that will change your life for the better.

You want to wake up happy and believe life can be good. You want the pain gone and to be able to breathe again but right now that seems impossible because everything is topsy turvy.

But here you are! Serendipity I suppose, because you’re tired of hurting, fighting depression, being stuck or something else. Regardless of the circumstances you want to be made whole again. You desire to find yourself so you can live a life with purpose, meaning and perhaps something even greater than that – share your gifts with the world!

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Messages from the Otherside

Healing is difficult. Sometimes the wounds are so deep that some can become lost in the depth of despair and heartache. Sometimes they just don’t have the support system to help them. Are you one of those people? Do you need help in recovery from a personal or emotional tragedy? The loss of a loved one? Family heartache? Illness?  Session is 30 minutes.  $500

Soul Package

In this reading I share with you who you are at soul level, what that means and the gifts you have to share as well as the positive and shadow attributes. I tell you about your chosen life theme and how that can show up in your life both negatively and positively so you are aware when change needs to be implemented.  This package includes Energy Center Reading, Chosen Life Lesson/Theme, and Soul Specialization Skills.   $997

Spiritual Guidance

I connect with you at your deepest, highest level. Sharing information from soul level to help you discern how to trust your inner guidance in moving forward towards a more fulfilling life.  60 minutes – $997