Sharon at the BeachSharon Renae, an intuitive medium, ordained minister, professional speaker, teacher, author and creative coach.  Her classes are taught with a wonderful blend of passion and humor.  She is founder and minister of The Light Spiritual Education Ministries.

She shares spiritual messages of hope, love, joy and the continuation of the soul through her work.  She serves as a conduit connecting the living with those who have passed over, validating all life is eternal.  Renae helps individuals who struggle to find peace and purpose within themselves, serving as a guide to provide them with clarity and direction in their life’s journey.

She feels her unique abilities are a gift to be used for the greater good in service to God and humanity.  That it is her purpose to be of service to the Divine.  Helping others to understand, the Divine Energy is within and without and all things are possible when we connect with the Light of Love and believe with unwavering faith.

In the last eleven years Sharon has done over 16,000 readings.  Known as the “barefoot psychic,” her public forums have held over two hundred in attendance.  In these public appearances she helps the living find closure with those who have passed.

Sharon is author of Angel in the Darkness, a fictional story about faith and unconditional love.  She has been featured on several television shows, evening news, radio, and publications, to include: Haunted Lighthouses Across America for the Discovery Channel, has participated in four television pilots and   Author Pamela Brannon’s book Shhh… They’re Talkin’  Messages from the Otherside, was based on testimonials and the changes Sharon has made in the lives of others.