I am a psychic veteran, minister and author, having worked successfully in the field of metaphysics, spirituality and mediumship for 27 years working with individuals seeking closure with those who have passed as well as those ready to reclaim and restore their life by embracing their authenticity by living their soul’s divinity.

As minister and founder of The Light Spiritual Education Ministries I offer a non-religious approach to spiritualiSharon Readingty and self development, as a teacher I share psychic and healing modalities and work with practitioners that want to pursue their passions through business.

I have:

  • Held Gallery Sessions for over 16 years with an attendance of almost 50,000 people
  • Read just under 12,000 participants during those years
  • Performed over 4,000 individual readings in the last 11 years
  • Authored the book  Angel in the Darkness
  • Co-owned a metaphysical magazine, bookstore and wellness center for seven years
  • Been featured on local and national television, in local news, magazines and in several books
  • Had a book written about me by Author and News Editor, Pam Brannon on how my abilities changed the lives of others, Shhh… They’re Talkin’… Messages from the Otherside