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NEW – MetaPhysician Practitioner Level One

I am offering something brand spanking NEW!  I am really excited about it!  Over the moon excited!  So what am I saying?  I am pretty darn excited about sharing this new modality with you! This energetic healing technique can help ourselves and others to physically heal our lives by being aware of the root causes.  […]

I Followed a Compulsion

Sometimes we are under a compulsion to do something different, to change what was already good and right and make it better because we begin to notice that all that is good and right is getting a little snug and not quite fitting into our life just the way it had. Many times we just […]

What is the difference between a Soul Reading and an Akashic Records Reading?

The difference is HUGE.  BIG.  GIGANTIC. With a soul reading that is exactly what I am tuning into, your soul as it feels and exists in the moment.  It is connected to the ego and because of that has its own perception of life experiences.  It truly knows what directions make you happy or unhappy, […]

Finding Passion

I am always talking about people finding passion in their lives and I am motivated to do so because I am truly passionate about my life and although I have wanted to change the direction of my work it has been constant and I have filled a need.  I am grateful for that.  I am […]

Time for Change

Time for Change In order to grow change is required.  Resistance steps in with hands out, breath held while silently screaming in our mind.  We want the end result, but we don’t want the work that comes with it.  Often the work is working through the resistance and the fear as the ego throws a […]

Upcoming Events

What is a Meta Physician Practitioner?

Free Event

Date: November 23, 2014

This teleseminar will help provide understanding and clarity to this very unique modality, and how it may possibly serve you while you are serving others. If you love working on a spiritual energetic level and desire a change in profession or income, this process can certainly provide that as well as changing your own life.

The class itself will be taught in two locations - Pensacola, Florida (Sat and Sun Dec 6-7) and Huntsville, Al (Date TBD.)

Being a MetaPhysician Practitioner has fantastic benefits if you are interested in working on a spiritual level and receiving an income by doing so.

Sign up to learn more! Only 20 participants are allowed on the teleconference, however if space fills up please email me and you will be sent a recording of the presentation.

Start Time:4:00 pm
End Time: 5:00 pm

Available Spaces: 16