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Thank you for stopping by to see how I can serve you! I am a transformational psychic medium, minister and teacher.

Sharon Renae

My passion is teaching and sharing helping others to discover who they really are and to bring their unique expression into their daily living. I teach spiritual and psychic/mediumship development in my academy, private groups or one on one.

My birthright is being a medium and a gifted psychic – I can connect with passed loved ones should you have the need or the desire or if you really want I can teach you how to do it in my academy, private groups or one on one!

As a psychic I connect energetically to your Soul and access your Soul records to provide an array of information from identifying the cause of health issues, how your Soul is designed to manifest, what gifts and traits you bring to the world and if you are really interested I teach you how to master them to live an authentic, abundant, healthy life!

I am now offering Soul Mentoring Day Intensives for individuals and business owners starting at ONLY $500 per day! Learn more about this here!

I am honored and grateful. I have 52 years of life experience and 28 years of professional experience as a medium and a psychic.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding how I can help you!  You can find my client policies here.

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Looking for a
Spiritual Getaway?

Stay in my C-Side cottage to reach your blissful state!

C-Side Cottage is a great “Zen-full” experience, as it was created specifically for relaxation and recharge. Just 20 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from downtown Pensacola, and a few blocks from Baptist Hospital, C-Side Cottage is the perfect place to stay if you enjoy a creative, relaxing environment with modern amenities. This is a 500 Square Foot cottage, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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